Stamp Duty and Land Tax Calculator

We would like to remind all our clients with investment properties about their land tax obligations. How Stamp Duty Works can be very confusing as each state varies in terms of threshold, rate applicable depending on ownership structure and the date when land tax applies.  We have summarised this all for you in a handy map for your reference.

For those with New South Wales properties the onus is on you to register and lodge your annual Land Tax Return each year. For other states State Revenue makes an assessment based on holdings at the taxing date.

There have been a number of recent changes to land tax and stamp duty in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland in relation to foreign persons including trusts which have not specifically excluded foreign beneficiaries. If you have not already updated your trust deed to exclude foreign persons you only have until 31 December to do so.

Please reach out to your client manager if  you require any assistance or have any questions relating to your land tax obligations and more information on How Stamp Duty Works.

Download a copy of our land tax map here.

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