How to get the most out of your tax with our 2022 tax guide

We’ve been doing a lot of work over the past few months and published many resources & tools to help you during tax time for FY2022 and throughout the year. Here is your 2022 tax guide.

Find updated links to useful information, tools, calculators, learning resources and other support and services. There is also factors such as taking in the 2022/23 budget and how it affects you. 

Tax e-Checklists

At Financially Sorted, we’ve developed information gathering checklists to assist our clients getting their taxation affairs ready to submit to our office.

In view of providing timely and quality tax and accounting services to our clients, we have created a secure portal for Tax eChecklists to help fast-track the turnaround time of processing your financial affairs.

Financially Sorted clients can use our Online Tax eChecklists facility, or alternatively download and print the appropriate PDF below to submit their information.

Occupation and Industry-Specific Guides

We have also developed over 30 occupation and industry-specific guides for individuals to help assist in gathering the appropriate source documents and legally minimising any taxation liabilities coming your way.

Examples of industries include Teachers, Truck, Bus and Train Drivers, Real Estate Agents, Office Workers, Paramedics, Nurses & other related Health Care Workers, those in Hospitality, the Building & Construction Employees plus so much more.

Fact Sheets

We have also curated a series of Fact Sheets based upon the most common questions from our clients. Please note that the information in each brochure is of a general nature only.

Property Investors

Please also find a series of Fact Sheets based upon the most common questions from our investor clients.

Hopefully that will cover your 2022 tax guide. Let us know if you have any further questions or need any clarification on what’s required for tax time, and for any updates on tax follow us for more.