What are the steps for hiring a new employee?

Most of the country is opening up right in time for the festive & holiday season. But a rush of patrons may mean you need extra help. When you hire someone new, it’s important to work out if you’ll need to pay super for them. Here is some further information when hiring a new employee.

Superannuation & Tax

In most cases, all workers are eligible for super – even if they’re a relative or hired for only a short period. Some contractors are also eligible for super. 

To avoid extra costs for your business, the key things to know when it comes to superannuation for new workers are:

    • Who is eligible?
    • What amount to pay?
    • Where to pay?
    • How to pay?
    • When to pay?

New workers can complete the commencement form in ATO online services. This will make it easier and quicker for you to get their super details and we’ll get the information directly.

You may also need to request stapled super fund details if your new worker doesn’t choose a super fund.


The type of employee

When looking for someone to join your business, you have to consider what type of employee will they be. You have to consider what works best, if they are someone who will stay as a full time employee, to hiring casuals during peak seasons. 

 Each type of employment has different types of approaches and laws related to them. For example, casuals may miss out on leave, they do get a boost in their overall pay. For more information on each type of employee and the differences, please check Fairwork Australia


Pay your new employee the right amount

One thing that will land you in hot water from Fairwork is not paying your employees the right amount. We have seen many high profile businesses being fined for not following these laws. Always look at finding the minimum wage for juniors, apprentices and training. 

We suggest using P.A.C.T (Pay And Conditions Tool). This nifty calculator will help when deciding pay rates.  


For more information on what you need to do to fulfil your superannuation obligations for your new employees, contact us today, we would be more than willing to assist.