Small Business Portal

Part 1 – Planning and Researching Phase

1. The Secret To Starting A Business

Starting your own business is a process, not an event



2. Putting Small Business Ideas Into Action

How do you come up with a small business idea? How do you decide if it is any good? 

3. How To Write A Business Plan

Your Business Plan is a roadmap, guiding you to where you want to go. A detailed plan can greatly increase the chances of success. 

4. Getting Business Finance

Starting a business can be expensive. Work out what business funding you will need.   


Part 2 – Getting Started

5. Budgeting & Forecasting For Small Business

Forecast income and expenditure. Have clarity around how much money you are expecting to earn, and the costs associated with earning the income.

6. Sales Forecasting

Take the guess work out of your Sales Forecasting. Approach it scientifically. 




7. Pricing and Cost Of Goods Sold

Setting prices is one of the most important decisions you will need to make. Ensure your costs are covered. 


8. Types of Business Structures

What is the right structure for you? From sole trader to a partnership or a company.

9. Registering A Business

To get started you will need to register a business name, apply for an Australian Business Number and ensure you have the right permits and licences.

Part 3 – Day to Day Considerations

10. Small Business Insurance

The key to good planning is considering all possibilities, including the bad ones. Ensure you have appropriate level of insurance in place.

11. Small Business Accounting

Do you understand the key accounting tasks required to run your business and what record-keeping is required?


12. Set up Your Business Location

Your business needs a base. Does it need to be big and fancy?



13. Find Employees

If you are needing team members in your business, it is important they are the right fit for your business and align to your goals, objectives and firm values.

Part 4 – Creating a Sustainable Business

14. Create A Business Website

Your website is an online version of your storefront. It is the first impression for customers and potential future team members. Make sure the first impression counts.

15. Promote Your Business

The trick is choosing the right strategies to bring customers to you. Ensure your strategy guides your marketing activity.

16. Where to Next: Tools And Guides

Your business is ready to go or up and running, but it is important to keep on top of everything. Consider what tasks could be automated.

17. 20 Reasons Why You Don’t Make Enough Money In Your Business

Keep challenging yourself. A business that is committed to continuously challenging themselves are those that receive the greatest rewards.