Protect Your Financial Information

Covid-19 has seen a spike in false requests for your confidential information and scams out there.

When it comes to identity crime, do you know what to look out for?

Identity documents are like gold to tax scammers. They can use things like your driver’s licence, passport and tax file number to:

    • steal your tax refunds and superannuation, or
    • access your bank accounts, or
    • commit refund fraud in your name, or
    • take over your business and submit amendments to your BAS.

Stay one step ahead by treating all requests for information with caution.

You should always be reviewing both your personal and business security practices. Make sure to do the following online:

    • have lockable storage units and an appropriate alarm system in place, and
    • change all passwords on a regular basis, and
    • install up-to-date security and anti-virus software on all devices, and
    • secure business files and employee information when not in use, and
    • log out of systems and lock computers when not in use, and
    • use two factor authentication wherever possible.

How to spot official announcements

Other ways scammers can target people is by using pop up ads on websites that look official and want you to call a number. This number will redirect you to the scammers and not any official help. When it comes to finances or anything related to tax, you will always get an official letter sent, and the ATO will NOT call you.

If you do receive a letter, and you are suspect that is is fake, it is good practise to search up the place in question and call that number, and not the number on the letter and get confirmation.


How Financially Sorted Protects Your Information

We offer all our clients a safe and secure way to share confidential documents. We do this by providing a secure client portal. This portal is easily accessible via our website. It enables you to upload documents securely to your advisor & enables your advisor to share documents with you.

Not sure if something is legit – ask us to see if we can assist!


How do I set up my own Portal?

    • You will receive an email from us inviting you to register, and
    • Contained within the email is a link, prompting you to create a User Name (your email address) and password, and
    • If you have previously been a user of our old Client Portal you will still need to register for our new Portal that is now accessible through our website

How do I access and use my own Portal?

    • Once you have registered, your Portal is accessible under our Client Area on our website,
    • Once you have logged into your portal, the Homepage provides instructions on how to upload a document to your advisor,
    • When files are uploaded from our office you will receive a notification via email that there are documents waiting for you,
    • When you upload a document we receive an email confirming a document is available for your advisor.


Here at Financially Sorted we take security and personal information seriously. If you need guidance, we are here to help. Book an appointment today.