Meet The Team

Peter Locandro

[email protected] 

(03) 9888 3175

“If you do what You’ve Always Done, you’ll get what You’ve Always Gotten”

Peter is an accountant who is about more than just the numbers. He has been a small business owner for more than 25 years, a keen property investor, a public speaker, a radio host, blogger and a small business mentor to many. Helping team members perform to the best of their ability is what puts a smile on his face.

Peter, CPA qualified became a business owner at age 26. It is humble beginnings from the days growing up on a dairy farm in the country to Italian migrants who sent him off to boarding school at age 11 to get an education and get him off the farm.

He teaches his clients to make decisions, to act and not sit on the fence. His ideal client is someone that is keen to listen, keen to learn and keen to succeed. He has helped many achieve things that they thought were not previously possible through his guidance and teachings. He is also about setting up the right tax structures – for both asset protection and legal tax minimization reasons. His accountancy qualifications go a long way towards achieving this objective.

Peter is an Essendon supporter and has 1 dog, 3 children, and 1 wife. In his free time, you can find him following the kid’s basketball journey’s around the world or enjoying a nice Japanese Whiskey.


  • Business Management & Coaching
  • Strategic Analysis
  • Self-Managed Superannuation Funds
  • Taxation & Compliance
  • Tax Planning
  • Property Structuring & Capital Gains
  • Asset Protection
  • Xero Champion Certified Xero Advisor
  • Cloud Integrations


  • Diploma in Business (Accounting)
  • Bachelor of Business (RMIT)
  • Member of CPA Australia