It’s that time of year again when your 2022 income tax return must be lodged. At Financially Sorted, our expert accountants with many years experience always will make sure you fulfilling your tax obligations. We are here to show the importance of lodging a ta return, along with benefits & financial responsibilites.

Lodging an income tax return is an important financial responsibility for individuals and businesses in many countries. Here are some reasons why lodging an income tax return is important:

1. Compliance with tax laws

Tax authorities require individuals and businesses to report their income, expenses, and financial transactions accurately. Lodging an income tax return ensures compliance with tax laws and regulations, demonstrating your commitment to fulfilling your legal obligations. By adhearing to the law, you will be contirbuting to the tax system. This makes the way you live being financially responsible.


2. Accurate assessment of tax liability

By lodging an income tax return, you provide the necessary information for tax authorities to assess your tax liability accurately. This helps ensure that you are paying the correct amount of taxes based on your income and applicable tax rates. Having an accurate assessment of your tax liability, you prevent any under/over payment. 


3. Claiming deductions and credits

An income tax return allows you to claim deductions and credits that can help reduce your overall tax liability. These deductions and credits may include expenses related to your motor vehicle, training, home ownership, business expenses, charitable donations, and more. Filing an income tax return provides an opportunity to optimise your tax situation and potentially receive tax benefits. Which in turn puts more money back into your pocket, making it one of the benefits of lodging a tax return. 


4. Refunds and tax benefits

If you’ve had taxes withheld from your income throughout the year, lodging an income tax return allows you to claim any overpaid taxes and potentially receive a tax refund. Refunds can provide you with extra funds that you can use for savings, paying off debts, or investing. By doing this step, you ensure that you receive the benefits and refunds.


5. Avoiding penalties and interest

Failure to lodge an income tax return or filing late can result in penalties and interest charges imposed by the ATO. By fulfilling your obligation and lodging your income tax return on time, you can avoid unnecessary financial penalties and any associated legal consequences. Timely filing demonstrates being able to meet responsibilities and avoid any financial fines. The ATO calculates their fines by using a statutory formula, which is based on your behaviour and the amount of tax avoided.


When infringement occurred Penalty unit amount
On or after 1 January 2023


1 July 2020 to 31 December 2022


1 July 2017 to 30 June 2020


31 July 2015 to 30 June 2017


28 December 2012 to 30 July 2015


Up to 27 December 2012


6. Establishing a tax record

Consistently lodging income tax returns helps establish a clear tax record with the tax authorities. This record can be important for various purposes, such as obtaining loans, mortgages, visas, or government benefits. It demonstrates your financial history and responsibility, which can positively impact your financial reputation. It can also lead to helping out to purchase a home.


7. Compliance with financial institutions

Some financial institutions may require proof of income or income tax returns as part of their application process for loans, credit cards, or other financial products. By regularly lodging income tax returns, you have the necessary documentation to satisfy these requirements.


Financial Experts

Remember that the importance and specifics of lodging an income tax return can vary. It’s advisable to consult with a tax professional or refer to the tax laws and regulations of your specific jurisdiction to understand the requirements and benefits applicable to your situation. The importance of lodging a tax return cannot be understated. Financially Sorted have been authorities in tax and financial planing for many years.  That wast he Importance of Lodging a Tax Return: Benefits & Financial Responsibility

Speak to us today to assistance. We have free checklists, occupation guides and many other resources that may help.



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